Fashion through the Ages
Object Name:
Full-length dress that is now an off-white/gray color but looks as if it used to be blue. Dress zips in back from neckline to waistline. Sleeves are long, with lace running along outside of arm down to an angled cuff that is also lined in lace. Dress has a high collar and white lace both above the collar and beneath it, covering over the top part of the chest in a "V". There is also lace and white buttoning down the middle of the chest to the waistline. From the waistline there is some pleating for the skirt portion. Back of waistline has fabric that ties in bow behind that is the same material as the rest of the dress. There is one line of lace fabric that goes completely around the skirt at one portion, giving a sort of separation between the top and bottom of the skirt, although both are made of the same fabric. Skirt portion also is double layered, with thin linen-like blue/gray material on top and a light pink slip underneath.
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