Fashion through the Ages
Thelma H. Drane
Panoramic photo of a group of women teachers. At the top "Last Year at Mesa" is written as well as the year of the photo. A piece of paper is taped to the back that has all the names of the women in the photo typed.

FRONT ROW (L-R): June Tower, Catherine Norwoord, Clarice Macdonald, Mary Gardner, Carol Reynolds, Evelyn Griffin, Irma Huston, Sue Smeleer, Zora Stevenson
SECOND ROW (L-R): Thelma Drane, Jan Waring, Lucille Smith, Justine Brandon, Val Mulleneaux, Louise Miller, Norma Trejo, Virginia Blackburn, Clara McPherson, Ethel Cirdler
BACK ROW (L-R): Harriett Wiley, Mary Hewette, Mary Allen, Sharell Cooper, Betty vanFredenberg, Cay Crandall
June Tower
Catherine Norwoord
Clarice Macdonald
Mary Gardner
Carol Reynolds
Evelyn Griffin
Irma Huston
Sue Smeleer
Zora Stevenson
Thelma Drane
Jan Waring
Lucille Smith
Justine Brandon
Val Mulleneaux
Louise Miller
Norma Trejo
Virginia Blackburn
Clara McPherson
Ethel Cirdler
Harriett Wiley
Mary Hewette
Mary Allen
Sharell Cooper
Betty vanFredenberg
Cay Crandall
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