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Gieszl, Ruth
Mesa High School - 1916 Class, standing on front steps
Group of 42 people (mostly teenagers) standing on front steps of (Old) Mesa High School. "1916" written on reverse, along with list of names, as follows [order does not seem to correspond with positions of subjects in photo]: Melisis Nicholas, [?] Greer, Kate Brundage, Wallamaae [obscured], [?] Hindes, Willie Horsley, Miss Speir, Carrie Sanders, Howard Stallings, Deloris Mazon, Lynn Johnson, Lewis Carr, Ida Lillywhite, Cecil Lacy, Rose, N… [obscured], John Eddy, [?, possibly "John"] Pew, Winnie Wing, Walter Head, William Chapman, William Lang, Margarite Brown [Marguerite Webb Brown], Willie Hibbertt, Eula Roth, Mike Ataway, Mandi Swartson, Joe Rogers, Owen Passey, Vern Riggs, Laura Shill, Nellie Brass, Evelyn Pierce, Marie [no last name written], Cecil Hostetter, Myrtle Stapley, Thelma Apenshaw [or "Openshaw"].
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Mesa, Arizona
Ataway, Michael
Brass, Nellie M.
Brown, Marguerite Webb (1897-1991)
Brundage, Kate
Carr, Lewis
Chapman, William
Eddy, John
Head, Walter
Hibbert, William
Horsley, William
Hostetter, Cecil
Johnson, Lynn
Lacy, Cecil
Lang, William
Lillywhite, Ida
Mazon, Deloris
Nicholas, Melisis
Openshaw, Thelma
Passey, Owen
Pierce, Evelyn
Riggs, Vern
Rogers, Joseph
Roth, Eula
Sanders, Carrie
Shill, Laura May (1896-1969)
Stallings, Howard
Stapley, Myrtle Amelia (1897-1980)
Swartson, Amanda "Mandi"
Wing, Winnie
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Mesa H.S. 1916 Class, standing - frontMesa H.S. 1916 Class, standing - front